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whatwg / html
HTML Standard
lang: HTML
stars: 5.81K
last activity: 11 hours ago
🕶 List of helpful resources added by the community for the community!
lang: HTML
stars: 257
last activity: 10 hours ago
Convert LaTeX documents into beautiful responsive web pages using LaTeXML.
lang: HTML
stars: 830
last activity: 9 days ago
A site similar to Wikipedia written in Markdown.
lang: HTML
stars: 14
last activity: a year ago
Open-source project hosted at to crowdsource a robust collection of notes related to data science (math, visualization, modeling, etc)
lang: HTML
stars: 55
last activity: 5 months ago
Fetch Standard
lang: HTML
stars: 1.88K
last activity: 6 days ago
Application for managing recipes, planning meals, building shopping lists and much much more!
lang: HTML
stars: 3.21K
last activity: 11 hours ago
A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links
lang: HTML
stars: 18.83K
last activity: 25 days ago
Kubernetes website and documentation repo:
lang: HTML
stars: 3.28K
last activity: 28 minutes ago
:earth_americas: The Cake website:
lang: HTML
stars: 38
last activity: 15 days ago
An open-source, community oversight dataset of all U.S. Prosecutors. Happy Hacktoberfest 🎃
lang: HTML
stars: 78
last activity: 2 months ago
A social network of lifelong learners built around humanity's universal learning map.
lang: HTML
stars: 322
last activity: a day ago
Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others
lang: HTML
stars: 3.92K
last activity: 14 minutes ago